About Daric

Cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon in recent years. However there are many people who do not have knowledge about crypto and a large part of the world does not speak/read English. We believe that cryptocurrency will disrupt traditional finance, and everyone must have easy access to crypto and should be able to learn about all types of crypto, coins and tokens. People with minimum knowledge of computer/IT should have free and easy access to educational materials from credible sources in their native language. Daric started from this simple idea that crypto must be easy to learn and easy to use for everyone. Your neighbour, your colleague, your dentist and your grandma should all have access to educational materials in their native language, if they wish to learn about cryptocurrencies. 


Daric is a platform which provides crypto related free educational materials with the help of freelance content creators. 


Our main goal is to be a platform for a large network of content creators who promote the use of crypto, specifically XRP,  XUMM wallet and XRP toolkit. We will allocate 40% Daric to pay the content creators to support them and encourage them to create educational materials such as video, audio, articles and workshops to promote the use of XRP, XUMM Wallet and XRPToolkit. We will publish their work on our website and social media channels. We will use our network to spread these materials far and wide and in many different languages. 


We want the freelance content creators to make educational content in their own language which will make it easier for everyday users with less knowledge of  IT to be able to learn about crypto and use it. Another 40% Daric will be distributed (Airdroped)  to the XRP community to bring awareness about Daric and its project. The last 20% Daric will be dedicated to the Daric Network. 


If you are a freelance content creator and wish to work with Daric Network. Please contact us on Twitter ( @Daric_Token ) or write to us at: support@darictoken.com


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